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Wow, the art is amazing! Made a little vid about it. 5 stars!

Thank you for playing TheFromzzz 😊 I am glad you enjoyed it 🐭

QATAT chapter one was a cute little adventure game with a creepy twist.

Thank you for playing Chromaray, I really enjoyed the video! Can’t wait to see you play more 😊🐭

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What a fantastic little taster. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed this and I am really looking forward to future chapters. Quintus is perhaps the cutest little sidekick ever. Great work, thanks again. I'll be following the games progress and I'll be sure to check out your Kickstarter page.

Thank you so much for playing Si7ruz, and for the video and comment. I really appreciate it. Really enjoyed your play through and can’t wait to see more 😊🐭

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I saw your Kickstarter page. Just wanted to let you know that your Gamejolt page just shows "Forbidden" from the link you provide on your Kickstarter page. Downloading Chapter 1 now and thanks for providing a demo of sorts. I wont support a dev without a DRM free demo like this. Cheers!

Hello friend,

Thank you for the comment and for downloading the game. I truly appreciate it!

Good spot on the GameJolt link, this has now been fixed, thank you for letting me know!

Enjoy the game 🐭

Just finished Chapter 1. I like your art style. There are a few minor graphic glitches throughout the house due to lighting effects, shadows, etc., but overall a neat concept and I look forward to more.

I really loved this game! From the design, to the mini-spooks set here, and the story makes this an awesome game to play!
I played this in my video and I was shocked by how great it was! The only issue I had was going into Lydia's room, as I saw a massive frame drop as soon as I turned on the light.

If you can, please support me by leaving a like, commenting feedback, and considering subscribing :)

Thank you for playing Chapter One CptMysticYT, and I am so glad you enjoyed it! Loved the video! 

Thank you also for letting me know about some slight lags, I promise, any lagging will be resolved in a future update 🐭

Loved this game! The style but mostly the Quintus mechanic! Very much looking forward to the next chapter!

And I am very much looking forward to watching you play future chapters, thank you for playing! 🐭

Thank you! Very unique game, can't wait! 

an adorable mouse mixed with horror is an awesome concept. Loved the choice of dark being outlines and light adding texture, color and depth to the environment.


So glad you liked it Reaction Zero! And I loved the play through! 🐭 I look forward to watching you play the next chapters 

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Thank you for playing Queen! 🐭


An eerie atmosphere, can't really tell what's real or not so.. looking forward to Chapter 2. Quintus deserves some cheese, he's so helpful. :)


Thank you for playing Cryptic, and I loved the video! Quintus definitely deserves some cheese 😋🐭


Horror and cuteness? I don’t know if it can be pulled off, but I’m eager to find out, especially after playing this first taste of Quintus and the Absent Truth. This is high-quality stuff. I was first taken in by the game’s styling and how well it controlled. You wouldn’t THINK anything scary would happen here, but perhaps that’s what makes this scenario work. You’re not being dropped into a dark maze with a flashlight looking for keys, nor are you exploring your family’s hundred-year-old haunted house. It’s a sunny, peaceful day in the suburbs and, from the looks of it, you’re only minutes away from celebrating your daughter’s birthday. But something’s not right...

I’m especially interested how Quintus will be utilized in future chapters, so suffice to say, I can’t wait to see more!


Thank you for playing, I loved the video, and thank you for your detailed comment here, I am really glad you enjoyed the game. I can say, I have a lot planned for our little mouse friend in future chapters 🐭


I need more ! ! ! 

Thank you for playing my friend! I loved the playthrough, your videos are great! Can't wait to watch you play Chapter 2 🐭


This is such a cool and unique take on the horror genre, plus Quintus is absolutely bloody adorable so that just sweetens the deal! I'm already hooked on the story and I can't wait for Chapter 2!

Thank you for playing, and I am thrilled you like the game! Loved the Lets Play! Can’t wait to watch you play Chapter 2 🐭

Tried it out, and thought I completed the very first objective, but objective doesn't update, so I couldn't proceed.

I had that issue as well, for some reason the speech wasn't triggered when I picked up the calendar. I just shut the game down and started again and it was fine after that

Thanks to your playthrough I was able to spot the issue with the calendar straight away. It is now fixed and will be reuploaded. Thank you again! 


Thank you for playing Jack, I will try to replicate that issue on my side and get that fixed today. Thank you for letting me know 🐭